Ectopic Pregnancy

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy, also known as a tubal pregnancy, occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself somewhere other than the uterus. This implementation usually happens in fallopian tubes which causes the fertilized egg not to develop normally. If this goes undetected and continues to grow, it can cause the tube to burst with severe bleeding.  This is very serious and can be fatal. So, it is critical to call your doctor or 911 right away if you think you’re experiencing ectopic pregnancy symptoms.

What are the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy?

The following symptoms need immediate attention. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should contact your doctor, go to the nearest emergency room, or call 911:

  • vaginal bleeding
  • extreme dizziness
  • gush/flow of watery fluid from vagina
  • blurred vision/spots before eyes
  • marked swelling in upper or lower extremities or face
  • difficulty breathing
  • severe headache
  • temperature over 100.4 F
  • other serious symptoms
  • severe stomach pain/cramping
  • severe vomiting
  • chest pain
  • abdominal/pelvic pain
  • painful urination

How do I find out if I my pregnancy is ectopic?

Whatever option you’re considering, an ultrasound will help guide your next steps by providing valuable information about your body and your health. Not only an ultrasound will be able to determine whether you’re pregnant, but it is the only way to medically confirm your pregnancy. It will also show how far along you are and determine if the pregnancy is viable or has implanted somewhere other than the uterus.